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From Mariusz Nowostawski <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Optional Tasks
Date Wed, 13 Dec 2000 01:40:28 GMT

I fully support Jose opinion below. To me, the only useful separation
would be two-fold: tasks dependent on external tools/jars/whatever, and
core tasks which are boundled with "core" ANT and are (core) JDK dependent
"Core" ANT should continue to maintain, ship and manage all the
"core" tasks, and do not manage at all optional tasks - they should be
spread all over the places. That would be, as pointed before, useful to
have some of the optional tasks uniformly managed or documented, but,
well, I think tradeoff between complexity of management and flexibility
for optional task developers is not of that big importance


> I do not think I agree with your interpretation of the definition of core
> vs. optional. Just to say that only things needed TO BUILD ANT are core
> seems to me to be a very bad definition of what the core is. So what 
> happens if some other task that was not needed today becomes needed for
> building ANT in the future, do we have to move it from the optioal package
> to core?
> ANT cannot be te standard, just because and, for example, do not uses the 
> <rename> task we cannot say that <rename> is not core. I see here a big gray
> area, but for example I would think that all tasks that only rely on JDK
> not on other JARs nor other executables, can be part of core. <rmic>, <exec>
> <native2ascii> are tipical examples of things I think we need to put in.
> <war> on the other hand, is in a more fuzzy area because although it may not
> realy need some other tools it only relates to some particular java
> extension. So in that sense to be useful you need more stuff.
> With respect to <exec> It is the basic task for people to be able to
> write their own local tasks or <targets> that connect to other tools
> in their own environment. If people cannot rely on having a facility like
> this available out of the box, ANT will loose usability.

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