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From Mariusz Nowostawski <>
Subject Re: [PROPOSAL] Optional Tasks
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2000 21:52:50 GMT
> -----------------------------------------------------------------
> The definition of a "core" task is a task that Ant really cannot live
> without. This would be similar to taglibs that are part of the core JSP
> specification.
> The definition of an "optional" task is a task that really should be
> packaged with the product it serves.
> However, there are cases where this is not feasible. Therefore, we will
> provide a separate CVS repository and mailing lists that serve as a storage
> and support area for tasks that cannot be bundled with the original
> products. Such as a perforce task. This would be similar to the taglibs
> Jakarta Project.
> -----------------------------------------------------------------

(Perhaps the axiom:
 core task == Ant really cannot live without
should read:
 core task == to compile it one does not need to have anything else apart
              form ant itself

I am in support of this. I think, the central place makes the life of
users easier, as the user needs to have single optional.jar and do not
need to play with any property files or <taskdef>s on her own.  Having a
single web-page with just a list of optional tasks, is not that easy to
use, user needs to plug in different jars with optional tasks, and play
with taskdefs or property files for them (unless ANT have a .aar file
format 'Ant optional task ARchieve' ;o) with some standard way of putting
optional tasks and their meta-information, description and task-to-class
Also, central place can make integration of particular tasks, for example
parser generation, into a single task possible. 

I like the idea that task contributors could automatically get added as
developers, and could maintain their own tasks. Maybe SourceForge is the
good place for it. Developers of optional tasks could maintain a webpage
with the list of all of them, and jakarta-ant would simply point to it.
This model really makes jakarta-ant resource not coupled with all the
optional stuff, and jakarta-ant commiters do not need to do a thing for
all these optional stuff. They could put a link to prebuild binary of
optional.jar as well.


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