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Subject Re: Optional tasks
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 04:22:40 GMT
I know this is an old one, but how about a contrib.jar file which is all
the third party optional tasks.

That way, core ant stays small, the downloads stay small and people after
optional third party tasks have a place to contribute and have them

I personally find it makes ant easier to adopt if it comes with 'plugins'
for a lot of the tools I use.
dIon Gillard, Multitask Consulting
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Re: [submit] optional task for Poet ptjavac compiler/enhancer

At 11:41  5/12/00 -0800, Jon Stevens wrote:
>on 12/5/2000 10:08 AM, "Craig Kelley" <> wrote:
>> Attached is an optional task that is a subclass (with too much cut and
>> paste ;-) of the Javac task to run the Poet ptjavac external compiler to
>> compile Java code and enhance it for use with the Poet object oriented
>> database (OODB).
>> To use the task you must have Poet (of course) with the appropriate Poet
>> jars included in your classpath, and the ptjavac compiler executable in
>> your path. Since ptjavac actually uses the Sun compiler classes in some
>> way, you also have to have the appropriate JDK jars in your classpath.
>> The usage is pretty much like the Sun javac compiler with a couple of
>> extra arguments to tell Poet where its configuration file is and what to
>> do with the schema.
>> -- Craig
>I have a question:
>Why are people submitting every task under the Sun to be included with
>What is wrong with simply including your Poet task with Poet and leaving
>at that?

Initially it was because Ant 1.1 didn't play nice and was slightly painful
to load other tasks. It was kept up so as not to change policy till Ant2
thou. I think in Ant2 there will only be a smallish set of core tasks and
the rest will mainly be provided in appropriate place. ie junit will be got
in junit.jar etc.



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