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From "Sam Ruby" <>
Subject Re: Ant 2 -> JDK 1.2
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2000 22:58:00 GMT
Jon Stevens wrote:
> However, you can have both JVM's installed on your machine
> at the same time and given the fact that 1.1 code runs
> fine on 1.2 JVM's this would be a great migration path.

While I am personally +1 on having Ant 2 prereq Java 2, I fee that I must
point out that the above is not entirely true.

If you take the 3.1 source of Tomcat and build it using a JDK 1.1 vintage
javac, the results will run correctly on 1.1 but not on 1.2.  (I imagine
that this is still true with the 3.2 version of Tomcat, but I haven't tried
the combination of TC 3.2 on JDK 1.1.x).

Furthermore, if you take the version of Ant that was used in the Tomcat 3.1
timeframe, you will find that the results will compile with JDK 1.3, but
the code will not execute correctly.

My point is that the incompatiblities between JDK releases is not
theoretical, and even affects relatively small projects such as Ant and

My suggestion is that Ant 1 and Ant 2 be allowed to continue in parallel
for as long as there is developer interest in both.

- Sam Ruby

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