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Subject Re: AW: Ant 2 -> JDK 1.2
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2000 17:53:31 GMT
I'll put in my:
vote on getting rid of JDK 1.1.x compatibility for using Ant.  As mentioned, there still are lots of projects and
companies and users who are still required to use JDK 1.1.x.  Yes,
technologically, many of them could be upgraded to 1.2+ - but many of them
are still not ready to do that.

Note that for bootstrapping *only*, I'd vote
for getting rid of JDK 1.1.x compatibility, if that makes any difference.
I could see the argument where anyone needing to build Ant itself before
using it might reasonably have JDK 1.2, as long as using a precompiled Ant
works normally on 1.1.x.  I imagine many users don't need the
bootstrapping, they just pick up a shipped build and go.

Also, I'd think this kind of suggestion would really need to get floated
around on ant-user as well.

>> This will make ant (or the bootstrap, at least) not compatible with 1.1,
>> believe. Is that going to be part of Ant 2's charter?
>> Conor
>+1. I'm tired of supporting JDK 1.1.x. There are now 1.2 JVM's on nearly
>ever major platform.
>We have removed support for 1.1.x in Turbine and haven't heard a single

- Shane - Xalan Test/Build

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