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From "Chris Todd" <>
Subject Ant 2 -> Java 1.2 WAS:RE: cvs commit:jakarta-ant/proposal/anteater/source/main/org/apache/ant
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2000 20:27:00 GMT
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>From: Jon Stevens []
>Sent: Saturday, December 09, 2000 3:06 PM
>Subject: Re: cvs


>4) For the people who are still confused and just don't get it, this is the
>*build environment* that would have the JDK 1.2 requirement. It doesn't
>matter if your code execution still has a JDK 1.1 requirement because you
>can still use Ant to compile your 1.1 code.


I wasn't confused, and I don't think too many people were.  Being able to
build 1.1 code using an Ant that itself only runs in a 1.2 VM doesn't matter
to folks who develop and build their code on systems for which JDK1.2 is
unavailable.  You would essentially be telling those folks they can't use
Ant in their development environment, they will have to go find some other
system that has a 1.2 VM available for doing their builds.  I don't know how
many systems only have 1.1 VMs available, but I would rather see Ant be
inclusive rather than exclusive.  Just my 2 cents as a devoted Ant user.

Sincerest regards,
Chris Todd
Software Engineer
Alabanza Corporation

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