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From (Christoph Wilhelms)
Subject AW: Whoa Bessie... Was -- Re: [Proposal] AntFarm
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 17:17:35 GMT
Sorry, but I have to give a short statement from the view of an Ant user and

I think it is very simple what we all want and what we dont want. Please
correct me if I am wrong!

We want:

* Just ONE Ant!
* A reliable running, fast, innovative Ant (just like Ant 1.2 is now)
* An Ant beeing supported, discussed and improved (just like it has been up
to now)
* Many Ant-Developers that work TOGETHER (on the current and future
* A clear line! We want to see in wich direction Ant is going! This is
  for everyone who wants to EXTEND core ant like ANTIDOTE or VAJ-Integration
  JBuilder-Integration etc.

We don't want:

* Competetive Ant-Developers ( ;-) )
* Many different Ants (Myrmidons, Antfarms, Anteaters, etc.) parallel! Don't
  me: the proposals are on one hand good for improving Ant - on the other
hand there is
  NOBODY who can compare the proposals with each other (lack of time). IMHO
at the moment
  the proposals INTERUPT Ant development-process!

I demant (If I may ;-)):

Please: work TOGETHER on Ant 2.0! All proposerse: Please meet in a
chat-room, a pub, on
the phone, in somone home, Netmeeting or whatever - and discuss your
different intentions
what Ant2 should be! Please (I'm begging you on my knees ;-))! I thing this
case with all
these proposals went TOO BIG as pointed out here by different people!


P.S.: Ok, JDD left Ant-Dev for a while, but IMHO still it is his baby... not
to bother the
      other proposers ;-)!

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