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From (Christoph Wilhelms)
Subject AW: AW: Tool Integration Problems
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2000 23:13:06 GMT
> > >Indexed properties, as defined by the JavaBeans spec. A little more
> > >involved than the "getFoo()" example, but not a big deal, especially
> > >since it can be handled by an abstract base class or a delegation
> >
> > +1 for bean-spec conform development! Not only for task... Don't you
> > Sim!?! ;-)
> >
> Aha! You've been lurking and I caught you with my bait! Awahahahahaha!!

> However,
> I still stand firmly in my position against any VAJ code (generated or
> otherwise) in Antidote.

+1 for bean-spec conform model - components!
+1 for bean-spec conform gui - components!

(overall +2 for bean-spec conform developement ;-))

-1 (or more) to IDE-specific code (just like VAJ). If you take a look at the
VAJ-toolintewgration GUI-code you'll notice that there isn't any specific
VAJ code in it! Of course it 1st was generated using VAJ, but after thet I
spend some time in code-beautification and optimizasion! Just some patterns
like "lazy-instantiation" are still in it - and this is IMHO - a fairly good
style of building (GUI)-code, for instantiation and initialization of
properties is in one place (in it's get-method). I am using this
implementation/pattern for GUIs even if there is no VAJ available for it is
more productive than any other handmade coding: you have nearly no chance to
make mistakes ;-). But still it is coding style. I just want to point out,
that it isn't VAJ specific! Really :-)!


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