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From "Conor MacNeill" <>
Subject RE: Proposed Enhancement to "ant.bat" script
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 22:12:56 GMT
> > That (single script) would be fine with me, although
> > we probably need at least a
> > simple example in the docs for people who are not
> > batch file gurus.  I'm -0 on
> > USERPROFILE instead -- I set up HOME in my own
> > (Win98) environment for stuff
> > like this, and both CVS and SSH respect it.
> >
> I vote for HOME to be used. $HOME is what is used in
> the Unix script. And since you have to set it as an
> environment variable on Windows regardless of whether
> it is HOME or USERPROFILE (at least on Win9x), it
> seems to me it would be better to make it the one that
> is more like the Unix version. Also, I never use the
> USERPROFILE directory on NT. I prefer to create a
> directory somewhere and define it in an environment
> variable. Just my opinion.

I am fine with %HOME% but I would just note that it is not set automatically
by the OS. Therefore the script will be looking at \antrc.bat on the current
drive. No big deal and people can, of course, set up %HOME%, no problems.
Speaking from an NT perspective, I would also note that %USERPROFILE%
matches the JVM's setting of ${user.home}. The difference between these two
"homes" may be a source of some confusion. For example, the following in a
build.xml will be using a different home from antrc.bat.

  <property file="${user.home}/"/>

If it is to be %HOME% then we should document that users should set that up


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