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From "Peter Seibel" <>
Subject Uh, I must be missing something ...
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 04:43:08 GMT
I'm afraid this is somehow tied into the thread about checking jars into CVS
but can someone explain to me how one is supposed to find the jars for the
various optional tasks. (FWIW, I'm actually aproaching this, at the moment,
as a user: I've installed 1.2 from the web and want to use the ftp task.)
For example, I can see the ftp task requires oroinc classes that aren't in
ant.jar or optional.jar. But I can't find any documentation about this. If
someone can explain this to me I may be able to whip up a patch to the ant
docs giving at least some guidance. (I'm thinking maybe the distinction
between optional tasks and the others should be documented. (I looked at
every occurance of "optional" in all the files under the docs directory in
CVS and wasn't edified: forgive me if I overlooked something.)


Peter Seibel                                 

   "It's harder than you might think to squander millions of dollars,
   but a flawed software development process is a tool well suited to
   the job." -- Alan Cooper, _The Inmates are Running the Asylum_

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