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From "Alex Smith" <>
Subject RE: Whoa Bessie... Was -- Re: [Proposal] AntFarm
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 00:55:48 GMT

I used CONS as well for a bit and having switched to Ant I am much happier 
but as Peter points out, CONS does have a few neat features two key items 
being cryptographic signatures associated with build components and 
construction environment object. The reason I switched from CONS to Ant is 
that CONS doesn't handle Java well and it requires me to write in Perl 

>This sounds a lot like the right abstraction to look at XSLT (or CSS)
>for ANT. To see them as build configuration objects.
>The question is how they get associated with the build.
>  - Is there a default configuration or user configuration object?

Yes. Defaults are geared toward make/C build.

>How does one specify in CONS what objects to use?

All build directives in CONS (tasks in Ant) require an environment object to 

There's a concept of exporting and importing an object from one build script 
into another, from parent to child (caller to callee). The user is 
responsible for constructing an environment object and explicitly exporting 
it to children scripts with the possibility of having many environments or 
choosing between them on the fly at some level. The children scripts are 
responsible for explicitly importing objects they're interested in which 
doesn't corrupt anyone else's scope.

Alex Smith
Insight LLC

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