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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: build.classpath and tinderbox builds
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 19:54:48 GMT
on 12/27/2000 11:40 AM, "Sam Ruby" <> wrote:

> Jon Stevens wrote:
>>> adding to my classpath is being friendly, overriding it
>>> silently is not.
>> I agree.
> If I don't hear anything shortly, I will check in the change with having
> the system class path before the build's class path being the default.  If
> anyone objects after that point, changing the defaut is easy enough...

Sounds good to me.

>> One suggestion, add full dates to the output. In other
>> words, I want to know time and date when things were built.
> I figured it was more important to know when the code was last updated or
> checked out than when it was built.  Click on the "Project: cvs" link at
> the top of any build log and you will see exactly when the code was checked
> out and what files were updated.

True, it should be there as well. :-)

> The build time is already listed on the top index.html page.  I'll add the
> date to the banner.

Yea, that is what I wanted to see. That way, you can look at the index.html
page and see if the entire tinderbox system is broken and not updating. :-)

> I'll recommend waiting until the code settles down.

Even checking it into CVS so that I can watch your commits would be great.
:-) It looks very cool. I see that you have the start of the CJAN stuff in
there as well. :-)


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