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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Problems with
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 00:06:00 GMT
on 12/26/2000 3:29 PM, "Diane Holt" <> wrote:

> Actually, no, I don't see. If you get a lot of mail that should have gone
> to a list instead, it seems like it'd be better to simply reply to it with
> some boilerplate that redirected them to the appropriate list.

I'm glad you are able to manage boilerplate for 40 different projects and

> Letting it
> frustrate you, and then letting that frustration affect how you reply to
> mail that was correctly sent to a list, seems like a less than optimum
> approach.

Huh? It wasn't sent to a list, it was sent to James D and I privately and I
forwarded here with zero frustration or even a comment in my email that I



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