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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: Whoa Bessie... Was -- Re: [Proposal] AntFarm
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 07:56:20 GMT
On 12/18/00 10:53 PM, "Peter Donald" <> wrote:

> And while off doing other good things you abandoned ant. It was your choice
> to do this and I am sure you gained a lot of brownie points in these other
> projects but you sure lost a hell of a lot in ant.

Actually it wasn't my choice. It was my employers choice. I've had to commit
to a series of pretty big career changes in order to make room for the
things that I've been wanting to do. But of course that wouldn't matter in
this discussion.

> But theres a difference between them and you. I don't know about the others
> but Cocoon/Stefano was NOTHING like we have here. Stefano spent a lot of
> time dedicated to Cocoon, had a great vision and listened to his
> users/developers. Since returning you have not helped in any way
> maintaining ant, you have only critcised current ant (many times not
> constructively) and you have belittled the efforts of others who have spent
> a lot of time dedicated to ant.

It was accidental that people found Ant to be so freaking useful that it
became a large project. If I had even an inkling that Ant was going to be so
useful to people, I would have played it out much differently as far as
making time to be here. I wouldn¹t have even touched doing W3C work or JAXP
work. But I'm sure that doesn't carry much currency here.

> Personally I don't see it. If you try to ascend to any such position I will
> block such a move with a -1. The only way it will be raised to +0/1 is if you
> a> convince the PMC to invent a rule to kick out committers and do it
> b> earn the privlidge

Ok. So right there you are saying that I have no rights here. The fact that
I dreamed up this little hack means nothing. Fine.

Speaking of PMC's -- there are no rules defined about how to deal with
things like this. It hasn't happened. Although apparently things are getting
a little heated on the tomcat-dev mailing list right now as well. I will say
that the PMC of Jakarta owns this project and Tomcat and the rest of the
projects under the Jakarta umbrella. That's their charter.

> The more I here about this the more concerned I get. Every time you need a
> motivation for something you point to the fact that you are writing a book
> about ant. I can not shake the feeling that the only reason you came back
> to ant was because you were asked to write the book. I question "If that
> book offer never came in would you be here now?"

Ok, so I'll shut up about the book. The last thing that I'll say is that it
made me realize that Ant was something cool. And of course now I'm looking
at the prospect of having to walk away from it because the developer
community here might just say go to hell. That¹s a great reward for putting
out a good project on the net. Not.

> Is that a fair assesment - maybe - maybe not but it is the opinion that seems
> to be gaining more ground. I have no problem with you profiting from your idea
> but when you abandoned the project you gave up your special status. You now
> have to earn the right to lead just like any other committer.

Did I unsubscribe from the list? No. Did I try to poke my head in when I
could and give some advice? Yes. Was it enough? No. Did I say "Bye guys! I'm
out of here!"?

James Duncan Davidson                              
                                                                  !try; do()

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