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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/proposal/anteater/source/main/org/apache/ant
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2000 20:05:37 GMT
on 12/9/2000 11:43 AM, "James Duncan Davidson" <> wrote:

> To the argument that there's still JDK 1.1 development happening -- a few
> comments. 
> 1) JDK 1.3 is out. It's probably time to upgrade. Are you still running
> Windows 3.1 in your enterprise? If so, you probably need to get a new job --
> I know of lots of places in the valley hiring right now.. :)
> 2) JDK 1.2 based compilers do generate code that will run on 1.1. Just don't
> use those class libs that are not on 1.1.

2a) Jikes will still produce code that works fine on 1.1 environments.

> 3) Ant 1.x will always be there for support of JDK 1.1. I'm not sure that it
> makes since to burden every future version of Ant with support for 1.1 when
> we've already got something that works there.

4) For the people who are still confused and just don't get it, this is the
*build environment* that would have the JDK 1.2 requirement. It doesn't
matter if your code execution still has a JDK 1.1 requirement because you
can still use Ant to compile your 1.1 code.



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