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From James Duncan Davidson <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: jakarta-ant/proposal/anteater/source/main/org/apache/ant
Date Sat, 09 Dec 2000 19:43:21 GMT
On 12/7/00 9:50 PM, "Conor MacNeill" <> wrote:

> This will make ant (or the bootstrap, at least) not compatible with 1.1, I
> believe. Is that going to be part of Ant 2's charter?

Undetermined. To be quite honest, there isn't a jdk 1.2 dependency yet in
AntEater that isn't fixable with a bit of work. I'm currently being selfish
and not doing that work. That work being the implementation all the
functionality of URLClassLoader and making sure that the jars created by the
bootstrap code are fully compatible jars with URLClassLoader. It's easy
enough to do this later, but my goals right now are to work on *how*
AntEater works, not every little detail yet.

You'll note that I'm not using Collections which are a harder to rectify
issue. It's too bad really because Collections would be a perfect way to
express some of the connections in the tree model.

I do agree with Jon in that it is probably time to just cut to the chase and
move to 1.2.  There is now a JDK 1.2 for every major platform out there.
Even FreeBSD has it now. Even Macs have it with OS X which will be out and
final by the time AntEater is grown up (and is the platform that I'm writing
AntEater on).

To the argument that there's still JDK 1.1 development happening -- a few

1) JDK 1.3 is out. It's probably time to upgrade. Are you still running
Windows 3.1 in your enterprise? If so, you probably need to get a new job --
I know of lots of places in the valley hiring right now.. :)

2) JDK 1.2 based compilers do generate code that will run on 1.1. Just don't
use those class libs that are not on 1.1.

3) Ant 1.x will always be there for support of JDK 1.1. I'm not sure that it
makes since to burden every future version of Ant with support for 1.1 when
we've already got something that works there.

James Duncan Davidson                              
                                                                  !try; do()

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