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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject Re: Uh, I must be missing something ...
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 19:06:35 GMT
on 12/5/2000 8:53 AM, "Peter Seibel" <> wrote:

> P.S. Is it part of The Apache Way (tm) to always have mailing lists set up
> with Reply-To to the list instead of the sender. It's pretty annoying.

It isn't annoying at all. It is actually quite convenient. Please don't go
placing a reference to that document someone wrote about why Reply-To: is
bad cause it is dog poopie IMHO.

Reply-To: generally ends up causing more email to be sent because most email
clients have a Reply-To-All command which ends up giving everyone not only a
copy from the list, but also a copy individually. That sucks and that is the
primary reason why Reply-To: is defined as the list.

It is also conducive towards having an open and archived conversation as the
replies will go directly to the list instead of into private email where no
one else can benefit from the conversations.

Anyway, this is totally off topic.



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