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From Jon Stevens <>
Subject A Users Experience
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 01:22:34 GMT
Hi All,

I checked the head of Ant out of CVS, I typed:

cd jakarta-ant

I then got a bazillion build errors. Watching the errors fly by, it appears
as though it was a result of not having some .jar file or another. I don't
understand why the bootstrap process is looking for Regexp.jar, but that is
a whole different issue.

So, I looked at the docs/index.html document to see what is required for
bootstrapping Ant. There is absolutely no documentation in there.

So, would someone like to please explain to me what contortions I need to go
through in order to build Ant from CVS?

I have a patch for the task that I would like to contribute, but
I can't because I can't even build the system so that I can test it before
committing it. Now, this is a simple little patch that adds the -f
functionality commonly found in the unix "rm" command.

I'm going to rant once more that any simple user should be able to check Ant
out of CVS and build it. If the documentation at least showed me the .jar
files that I needed, I would be up for downloading all of them and
installing them into whatever classpath I need to setup, but of course there
isn't any documentation, so this stuff should just go into CVS and make all
of our lives easier.



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