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From BugRat Mail System <>
Subject BugRat Report #669 has been filed.
Date Wed, 27 Dec 2000 19:15:17 GMT
Bug report #669 has just been filed.

You can view the report at the following URL:


REPORT #669 Details.

Project: Ant
Category: Feature Requests
SubCategory: Enhancement
Class: suggest
State: received
Priority: medium
Severity: non-critical
Confidence: public
   Release: 1.2, 1.3a
   JVM Release: 1.3
   Operating System: Windows NT 
   OS Release: 4
   Platform: intel

Need WARNING Logging level, logging enhancements

Many things should be able to generate warnings, such as
empty filesets and other things where the Task to be performed doesn't make sense.

In general with Ant so far, I want more control over build messages than I am being provided.
 Some level should show
every task executed with its attributes, and tasks should have a standard for reporting something
when they don't do anything (probably as a warning).

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