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From "Jay Glanville" <>
Subject [PATCH] attempt 2 at javac refactoring.
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 14:43:07 GMT
In a previous posting, Stefan B had mentioned that after the AntEater
proposal, that submissions had almost dried up.  Well, here is my attempt to
add some water to the stream.

The following is a re-submission of my previous patch, with a modification
-- no compiler attribute.

The last time I submitted this patch, there were four things contained
within: a refactoring of the javac class, and the introduction of three new
attributes for the <javac> task -- includeAntRuntime, includeJavaRuntime and
compiler.  Of those four things, it was the compiler attribute (the least
significant thing to me) that was the stumbling block. Thus, I have removed
it and am re-submitting the rest of the changes.

For the purpose and implementation discussion, please see my previous

There are 11 files attached to this e-mail.  7 of them go into a new package
called CompilerAdapter,
CompilerAdapterFactory, DefaultCompilerAdapter, Javac12, Javac13, Jikes and
Jvc. is a minor modification to the Execute class (change
of scope).  I have included both the delta, plus the full class in it's entirety incase the delta is too confusing.  The
final file is the changes to the index.html file in the docs directory.

Please accept these changes.  I know that a majority of the upper echelon
are focusing their energies on the heated debates of the new "revolutionary"
ideas, but the rest of us grunts in the trenches who are still trying to
cleanup 1.2 would like an occasional pat on the head. ;-)


Jay Dickon Glanville
P068 - SiteManager Development, Nortel Networks
613-765-1144 (ESN 395-1144)
MS: 045/55/A05

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