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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject RE: Did somebody say Shut up and Write? :)
Date Wed, 20 Dec 2000 19:39:52 GMT
> From: Joshua Davis []
> I think the 'frantic' proposal has some good points, but the 
> risk of going
> in this direction is that it may degenerate into a proposal 
> to create a
> rule-based programming language.  I don't think there are 
> many build systems
> written in Prolog. ;-> Coming from many years of developing
> compiler-interpeter systems, I would say it would be a 
> mistake to turn ANT
> into any kind of generic purpose programming / scripting 
> language.  ANT's
> specificity is its utility, for me.

Maybe not build, but there are a few configuration systems (installers)
that hide a Prolog engine inside so that peple don't get scared :-)

> You may want to consider adoption factors when making these proposals.
> The 'target' and 'task' objects in the existing ANT implementation are
> familiar to anyone who has used make.  While unifying all of 
> the objects is
> 'neato', it won't do anything do drive the adoption of the tool.

But I do not think anyone is saying that at the user level (XML file)
any of these things will change. The discussion is how they are
treated internally during execution and that will only implact someone
making changes to CORE, not even the writers of regular Tasks should be
impacted by this.

> Also consider this:
> Installing / deploying is typically a separate process with different
> requirements done by different people.  It's very tempting to 
> have the build
> system deploy things as well (people try to deploy things 
> with CVS all the
> time).

True, but given the amount of flexibility we have put in ANT it
looks like real close to having most of the parts needed for a 
installer. True, most problaby the Javac task will not be used,
and some other tasks will be required, but syntax, semantics,
may be quite simillar. We would need a better GUI though :-)

Jose Alberto

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