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From Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
Subject RE: [PROPOSAL] Optional Tasks
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2000 21:06:16 GMT
> From: Siberski, Wolf []
> > Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:
> > > From: Siberski, Wolf []
> [snip]
> > > E.g., we could have
> > > anttasks.jar      all tasks needed to build ant
> > 
> > -1, the definition cannot be "what is needed to build ANT". 
> Is has to be
> > based on what is needed to build a reasonable application 
> that does not
> > require some external or optional tool during the build process.
> > Using ANT as an approximation is one thing, but it cannot 
> be the begining
> > and end. In particular, what do you mean by building ANT? 
> just CORE or 
> > the whole of ANT (optionals included)?
> Just core. But why do You bother? If You want to build Ant, You'll 
> download anttasks.jar. If You want to build EJBs, You'll download just
> ejbtasks.jar. If You want to build foos, You'll download footasks.jar.
> No Ant user would be forced to use the task collection designed
> for Ant developers.
> I'm sure we won't be able to agree about what "is needed to build
> a reasonable application...", so my goal is to avoid this
> discussion by providing several (overlapping) task collections 
> which are targeted to different application types / Ant user types. 

I have very little to disagree with you. I think we are in the same
wave length here. I am just trying to be precise on the issue of
CORE. Why, because once it becomes gospel, I see perfectly general
purpose tasks being forbidden from CORE because building ANT does 
not require them. 

So I am battling for a more, eventhough subjective, open standard.

With respect to overlapping jars, I do not think I like that.
Why because in a centralized environment you may have different
users with different needs. As long as things are additive
there is ussually little risk for bad clashes.

But, I am all for defining collections of tasks.

Jose Alberto

> Wolf

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