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From Peter Vogel <>
Subject RE: Whoa Bessie... Was -- Re: [Proposal] AntFarm
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 01:08:49 GMT
> Hello,
> I used CONS as well for a bit and having switched to Ant I am 
> much happier 
> but as Peter points out, CONS does have a few neat features 
> two key items 
> being cryptographic signatures associated with build components and 
> construction environment object. The reason I switched from 
> CONS to Ant is 
> that CONS doesn't handle Java well and it requires me to 
> write in Perl 
> (yuck!!)

Guess we all have our biases.  From my perspective, PERL is "god's language"

for this sort of task!  After 12 years of this, using Make, C, Java, C++,
Perl, and Python for building, PERL stands out as being *exactly* the sort
of language that is needed for this sort of work...

> >This sounds a lot like the right abstraction to look at XSLT (or CSS)
> >for ANT. To see them as build configuration objects.
> >The question is how they get associated with the build.
> >  - Is there a default configuration or user configuration object?
> Yes. Defaults are geared toward make/C build.


> >How does one specify in CONS what objects to use?
> All build directives in CONS (tasks in Ant) require an 
> environment object to 
> work.


> There's a concept of exporting and importing an object from 
> one build script 
> into another, from parent to child (caller to callee). The user is 
> responsible for constructing an environment object and 
> explicitly exporting 
> it to children scripts with the possibility of having many 
> environments or 
> choosing between them on the fly at some level. The children 
> scripts are 
> responsible for explicitly importing objects they're 
> interested in which 
> doesn't corrupt anyone else's scope.

And all of the import/export and naming of environments can be(and
usually is) done in a single file that is "use'd" by the conscript
files throughout the tree => single point of maintenance for build
environments...  Though if you hate PERL, I can see how this would
not be obvious :-)  My point is that Ant can and should steal ideas
from Cons (and vice-versa) as there are people who know/prefer java
over Perl, one size DOESN'T fit all...


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