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From BugRat Mail System <>
Subject BugRat Report #595 has been filed.
Date Fri, 15 Dec 2000 14:52:35 GMT
Bug report #595 has just been filed.

You can view the report at the following URL:


REPORT #595 Details.

Project: Ant
Category: Bug Report
SubCategory: New Bug Report
Class: swbug
State: received
Priority: low
Severity: non-critical
Confidence: public
   Release: Ant1.2
   JVM Release: 1.2.2
   Operating System: WindowsNT
   OS Release: WindowsNT
   Platform: Pentium

Jar file has redundant subdirectories

I have the following subdirectories: A/X, A/Y, A/Z.
I'm only interested in building source files in A/X,
and set the property accodingly in build.xml:
<property name="src" value="A/X" />
The resulting jar file however has (empty) Y and Z subdirectories as well.

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