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From Peter Nordlund <>
Subject Re: JUnit task: RFEs ?
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 13:06:38 GMT

I sent this mail quite a while ago.
I have not update my ant environment after ant/1.2.
But I have followed the ant list regularly and I have not seen
anything that indicates that my request have been added, so here
comes my request once again:

I suggest that an attribute "haltontimeout" is added to the
junit task
and to the nested junit tasks, test and batchtest.
The behaviour rigth now, if a test is not finished before
the timeout, is that the test silently is cancelled and
the build succeeds. (ant/2000-10-12)
At least for me, tests that are not finished on time are
regarded as failed tests.
Any comments?

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