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From David Li <>
Subject Re: Taskdef for XMLC (
Date Tue, 12 Dec 2000 09:05:52 GMT
Jon Stevens wrote:
> on 12/9/2000 1:47 AM, "David Li" <> wrote:
> > Here are the taskdef for XMLC (
> Why don't you contribute that to the XMLC project?
> -1 on including yet another optional taskdef that should really be included
> with the primary project instead.
> -jon


  I thought about that. I send it to Ant instead of XMLC project is that
I'd like to get a centreal namespace for all the taskdef I am using.
Having it in is a gooc namespace
prefix for it. There is no naming standard for a Ant taskdef and it's
hard to find out whether a tool I am using support Ant or not. 

  Contributing that to XMLC would have the task resulted under some
namespace like It's hard
to find. We have a discussion thread on the enhydra mailing list and we
found out there are 3 or 4 different XMLC's taskdef. I think this is a
awful waste in an open source project having people keep reinventing the

  From other posts to this thread, I can see how you may not want that
to be included in the official Ant's distribution. Yes, I may donate the
codes and lose my interest to maintain it 3 months from now. And this is
going to cause headaches for the maintainer of Ant. I fully respect

  So, let's define the problem we are facing here. 

1. There is no convinient way to look up whether a tool is supported by
Ant or not. For example, I have to posted to XMLC's mailing list a
couple times before someone tstart talking about the taskdef they have
written for Xmlc. There is no central repository for such information or
a well known namespace to look for it in a package I got.

2. Having all the optional codes in the official Ant will definitely
cause a lot of headache. 

So, I think some guideline to support optional taskdef developers can
solve the problem.

Open up a central registery for optional taskdef and the name space for those taskdefs. I see this as
a simple page on the Ant's site with records on the optional taskdefs
written and where they namespace are. (preferablely all optional
taskdefs can fall under the This
way, I quickly browse the package I got and determine whether it
supports Ant or not.

David Li

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