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From "Simeon H.K. Fitch" <>
Subject Re: Taskdef for XMLC (
Date Sun, 10 Dec 2000 01:52:05 GMT

Jon Stevens wrote:
> on 12/9/2000 1:47 AM, "David Li" <> wrote:
> > Here are the taskdef for XMLC (
> Why don't you contribute that to the XMLC project?
> -1 on including yet another optional taskdef that should really be included
> with the primary project instead.


I think that if you are going to -1 a task for an external tool, then
you need to back it up with a recommendation for some metric that we can
objectively use for determining inclusion/exclusion in Ant. Based on
your statement above, one could speculate that you would lobby to remove
all optional tasks, and possibly even some things like support for
jikes, only because they provide support for tools that are developed
outside of Sun or Jakarta. I can't believe that this is really the case
with you. Therefore, I think you owe it to the submitter--doubly so
since he is new to the group--the courtesy of a more substantiated
argument against accepting his submission. Personally, I would love to
have an XMLC task in Ant as I use Enhydra on one of my projects, and
enhydra has a non-trivial user base. I certainly don't see it as any
less worthy than, say, the ejb tasks, or the perforce support.

Comments like yours above do very little to serve the longer term
interests of the group, and only succeed in driving off potentially
highly effective contributors.


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