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From Nick Pellow <>
Subject Re: [submit] A build sound alert Task
Date Mon, 04 Dec 2000 22:55:28 GMT

KC Baltz wrote:
> Have some bad news to report about this task.  With some quick benchmarking,
> it appears to significantly increase my build times.  I noticed that your
> run() method in AntSoundPlayer has the following:
> while( true ) {
> }

This was left in by accident when I had it playing background
build music. The SoundTask does not in fact require a new Thread for
simple build alerts at the
end of the build. So I have removed that line of code from SoundTasks
execute method.

Please find attached the corrected code. It simply registers a build
listener in the execute
method and does not start any new threads!

Nick Pellow

> I replaced that with the following to make it a bit more efficient.
>         while( true ) {
>         try {
>           Thread.sleep(1000);
>         } catch( InterruptedException ex ) {
>         }
>         }
> Didn't know if this was committed yet, so I didn't figure a patch was in
> order.  Perhaps there was some reason having to do with the sound playing
> code that this kind of loop wouldn't work?
> K.C.
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