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From Peter Donald <>
Subject RE: Whoa Bessie... Was -- Re: [Proposal] AntFarm
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 01:24:36 GMT
At 04:55  18/12/00 -0800, Alex Smith wrote:
>>How does one specify in CONS what objects to use?
>All build directives in CONS (tasks in Ant) require an environment object to 
>There's a concept of exporting and importing an object from one build script 
>into another, from parent to child (caller to callee). The user is 
>responsible for constructing an environment object and explicitly exporting 
>it to children scripts with the possibility of having many environments or 
>choosing between them on the fly at some level. The children scripts are 
>responsible for explicitly importing objects they're interested in which 
>doesn't corrupt anyone else's scope.

"environment object" sounds exactly what I call "Context object" and
behaves in exactly the same. You can control the context by putting things
in it and taking them out and it can be inherited by child projects who can
overide elements in it. The only difference is that the myrmidon proposal
currently doesn't allow definition of contexts outside the hierarchy. ie
there is project, target and task scopes and ant-calls inherit current
target scopes. 

How useful was it to define multiple environment objects within one file -
and could it be done in ant via target scopes ?



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