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From Peter Donald <>
Subject [Proposal] frANTic
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 06:00:06 GMT

We have another proposal for next-gen ant by "James Cook"
<>. This deviates a bit from Ant1.0's model and may offer
us a new perspective. The blurb from the author is as follows ;)

An Ant 2.0 Proposal - Codename frANTic
I have spent some time over this weekend to craft a totally new approach for
Ant. The idea isn't very radical from the existing Ant, except for one key
point. In fact, I believe that frANTic will be able to utilize existing Ant
1.x build scripts!

The new idea is that everything is a Task. A Project is a Task, and a Target
is a Task. Couple these tasks with a "Task Execution Engine" and you have
frANTic. In fact, I feel Ant can evolve to become a general purpose
execution engine for Tasks. This can allow Ant to become much more than just
a "build tool".

The documentation for frANTic is readily accessible in the CVS repository
(or will be soon), so I hope to hear about some ideas from people on how it
can be improved during this proposal process. I detail in the documentation
some ideas regarding the Task object, the execution engine, parameters, task
discovery, attributes, scripting support, and more. More importantly I ask
for help on some key areas that I don't have much experience in. So please
don't be shy, and let me know your thoughts.

I have also posted the documentation for frANTic at for the CVS challenged!

Thanks for the opportunity to participate.

Jim Cook
Visual XS




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