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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: [myrmidon] Updates
Date Mon, 18 Dec 2000 04:22:13 GMT
At 07:21  17/12/00 -0800, James Duncan Davidson wrote:
>On 12/10/00 5:19 PM, "Peter Donald" <> wrote:
>> Also James do you still have any issues regarding Avalon integration? The
>> only one that I don't think I have addressed is the size of the jar file.
>Yes. Just because you have addressed them doesn't mean that I agree with
>Avalon integration. To me, Ant is just not of that model. And yes, I
>understand what Avalon does to a large degree -- I've written general
>purpose server toolkits before (there was this thing called Java Server
>Toolkit once upon a time upon which a few well known webservers were built
>-- and which we built DHCP, DNS, FTP, and a whole bunch of other servers on
>top of, not that that particular product saw the light of day).

umm - maybe I didn't make this clear but the parts of Avalon that will be
integrated into mymidon have NOTHING to do with DNS/FTP/other traditional
server projects. It is a basic component model - same thing used in
Cocoon/next-gen fop etc - the vast majority of places I use this component
model/framework has nothing to do with servers. 

>It's not just the size, it's having another dependency, and having that
>dependency being a framework which will change over time. I'd like to see
>the number of dependencies in Ant to a minimum. Right now we are looking at
>XML and Regexp. We don't want any more than that. Or at least *I* don't.

It's a price/performance thing. Adding another dependency if it enables a
lot of functionality is not really an issue IMHO.



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