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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Default libs included
Date Thu, 14 Dec 2000 16:05:27 GMT

I have just gone through and updated a number of projects to use latest CVS
ant and realized that ant is almost ready to be deployed once per machine
rather than once per project. The few things that stop it are;

1. $ANT_HOME has to be set due to limitations of win9x ;(
2. lib dirs other than $ANT_HOME/lib should ideally auotmagically sucked
into classpath

I think we can fix 2 by an addition to the scripts. Basically suck in all
jars in ./lib just like we do for $ANT_HOME/lib. This is likeable because
it is very common pattern among different projects. If we don't provide
this the projects will end up having a build.[sh|bat] that basically does


echo "Building myproject"
export CLASSPATH=`echo lib/*.jar | tr ' ' ':'`
ant $*

I am not sure if it is an aim to encourage everyone to remove custom
scripts ontop of ant but I think it should be ;)



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