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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Clean room policy
Date Thu, 07 Dec 2000 07:30:05 GMT
At 10:43  6/12/00 -0800, you wrote:
>On 12/6/00 5:42 PM, "Peter Donald" <> wrote:
>> Well not about that but more due to legal thing. I would never touch
>> something that has Suns license attached.
>You must be referring to the javax.xml.* classes, right? 

Not all of them - just the 5-6 in javax.xml.parser.* but if you say it is
fine then I gonna upgrade a whole heap of projects to jaxp1.1 and claim you
represented sun and allowed it ;) (I been wanting to do it for ages instead
using custom factories ;-])

>> I thought Apache had a clean tree
>> policy - ie only Apache copyright source is allowed to exist in CVS.
>Apache only *works* on Apache copyright code. Our experience with code that
>we have to lean on is that we do what we can how we can. 

Okay - does that mean I can check in code that isn't owned by Apache. There
is a few - their licenses allow it and I am trying to clone behaviour in
their system. It is just taking forever because I have to do it by myself -
thou if I could put it in CVS someone else may pick up the banner ;)

It would also open up the oportunity for the log4j guys to put it in CVS
and gradually remove the IPL bits? I guess I was under a different
impression and I just told Ceki that Apache wouldn't accept IBM owned code
so he had to rewrite it but if not ...



| "Faced with the choice between changing one's mind, |
| and proving that there is no need to do so - almost |
| everyone gets busy on the proof."                   |
|              - John Kenneth Galbraith               |

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