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From Peter Donald <>
Subject [myrmidon] Updates
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 09:42:32 GMT
At 08:06  4/12/00 -0800, Jose  Alberto Fernandez wrote:
>PD: How are you planning to implememnt <antcall> in your proposal.

If you want ;) 
Basically anything you need to see before judging it I will do (within
reason ;])

I just implemented it now - note that it is extremely low-cost and a lot
less costly than the old ant-call which actually reread the build file.
This just sets up a new context (ie properties et al) and executes relevent

>The file does not exist anywhere and the task does not know about
>any other way to get it.

I am not sure exactly what you mean by this.

I also added a number of other tasklets. Namely a taskdef like one that can
be called via
    <register-tasklet task-lib="../../dist/lib/core.tsk" 
                      classname="org.apache.ant.tasks.core.Echo" />

    <echo2 message="Luke to Echo base. Can you hear me?"/>

I also cleaned up logging so that it is actually called and is not
integrated so tightly with Avalon logging system. It looks like current
default Ant logger when output now.

The best thing I did however was to setup much better classloading. As a
result you now don't have to setup classpath before calling ant. The
scripts basically end up doing "java -jar ant.jar
--ant-home=/usr/local/ant". This will need to be adapted a bit later to
include tools.jar when/if I convert across javac etc. Consequently if we
can somehow figure out how to do the win32 equivelent of "dirname $PRG"
there will be no need to set any variables (if java is in your path).

NB: I am not sure if the unix script works but I tried to change it to
something that looked ok. You may need to tweak it to get it working thou.



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