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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: Uh, I must be missing something ...
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 06:06:25 GMT
At 09:58  4/12/00 -0800, Jon Stevens wrote:
>Does the build system gracefully handle the case where someone tries to
>compile something that requires an optional .jar file and it doesn't exist
>in the classpath?

If gracefully == silently ignore it then yes ;) There is too many
dependencies (possibly as many as 20 or so outside jars) and very few
people want to build the whole thing thus it would be waaay to verbose for
the average joe. If a jar becomes necessary to build we should make a noise

>For an example of what I'm talking about take a look at what I did with
>Anakia's build file...if the class can't be found, the system will report a
>nice error message...
><target name="prepare">
>        <available classname="org.apache.velocity.anakia.AnakiaTask"
>        property="AnakiaTask.present"/>
>    </target>
>    <target depends="prepare" name="prepare-error"
>        <echo>
>            AnakiaTask is not present! Please check to make sure that
>            velocity.jar is in your classpath.
>        </echo>
>    </target>

Thats something we should probably do for required jars (currently only
junit but in the future either anakia or stylebook) but hasn't been done atm.



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