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From Peter Donald <>
Subject Re: A Users Experience
Date Tue, 05 Dec 2000 01:41:24 GMT
At 05:22  4/12/00 -0800, you wrote:
>I then got a bazillion build errors. Watching the errors fly by, it appears
>as though it was a result of not having some .jar file or another. I don't
>understand why the bootstrap process is looking for Regexp.jar, but that is
>a whole different issue.

>So, would someone like to please explain to me what contortions I need to go
>through in order to build Ant from CVS?

It is not pretty if you are on win32 but hopefully that will be fixed in a
days. Basically all I do is drop xerces.jar, regexp.jar into lib directory
as well as any other things I need during build (junit/stylebook/other).
Then I hack the build scripts to hardwire a heap of junk. The scripts make
too many assumptions that are correct for my build environment (ie win98
with no CLASSPATH set) so I have modded versions sitting about.

>I'm going to rant once more that any simple user should be able to check Ant
>out of CVS and build it. If the documentation at least showed me the .jar
>files that I needed, I would be up for downloading all of them and
>installing them into whatever classpath I need to setup, but of course there
>isn't any documentation, so this stuff should just go into CVS and make all
>of our lives easier.

give me a little time ;)
It is perfectly doable in *nix but the problem is that win32 scripting
leaves a little to be desired. It doesn't even have a basic command like
"dirname" ! arg. There are two basic solutions I have come to see. We can
bootstrap using an old version of ant or we can write native code (yuck!). 

I remember a while back bootstrapping from an old ant was -1'ed but is that
still considered a bad thing? What it would involve doing is the following.
Changing destination of jars/scripts/whatever to another directory


It would also simplify build process and allow inclusion/exclusion of
libraries  so you could magically include correct versions of junit/whatever. 

Would anyone hate this? I know it involves another jar in CVS but this
shouldn't be an issue as it will never be seen outside the ant build
process and thus will not effect any other thing using ant or being
developed with ant.



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