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From Diane Holt <>
Subject Re: BugRat Report #642 has been filed.
Date Thu, 21 Dec 2000 02:21:06 GMT
--- BugRat Mail System <> wrote:
> Bug report #642 has just been filed.
> Description:
> A pet peeve of mine is java build systems that don't give an option to
> report the classpath during compiles.  When I get
> "com.fraga.impac.nugga.Nugga" not found, it can be hard to understand
> why if the problem is a bad classpath.
> Suggestion:  attribute showclasspath="true" on Javac, that
> prints the full classpath in effect for the compile.  Ditto,
> for Java.  I did a little test modification on Javac,
> seems to work fine.  I didn't write a test case, though.

Actually, rather than loading down various tasks with yet more attributes,
I'd prefer to see a more refined logging system, one where you could
specify levels of information you want. I think that's sort of been done
to some degree, with the MSG_INFO and MSG_WARN stuff, and with the Ant
flags -verbose and -debug, but I don't think it's refined enough. There's
too much similarity, I think, between verbose and debug -- and much of
what verbose prints out I'm not really interested in seeing, since I
usually only include -verbose when I'm trying to see the classpath or
command-lines for things. If I want to see all the property stuff, I use
the -debug flag.



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