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From Simeon Fitch <>
Subject Re: [MEETING] January 12th. SF Bay.
Date Tue, 19 Dec 2000 14:40:59 GMT
--- Jon Stevens <> wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> Ok, I'm going to apologize up front for those of you who can't make it
> due
> to being geographically challenged. :-) I'm sorry, but if you can't make
> it,
> it won't be the end of the world, we will post a summary of the meeting
> online. I promise.

I have to say I feel uneasy about this approach, as I think it is
irresponsible to have a significant meeting on the future direction of Ant
in a forum that excludes a large number of interested parties. There are
other "higher bandwidth" options out there other than physical meetings.
Even an IRC room could fit the bill. A chat room with voice support? A
conference call? A moderated exchange of ideas (i.e. an online symposium).
Just because an in-person meeting is convenient for the SF Area people
isn't sufficient grounds for choosing this approach.

I know you said that decisions made in the meeting wouldn't be final, but
the weight of a "meeting consensus" will be quite difficult to counter. The
message you are sending out is "If you aren't part of the posse in the SF
area, you can't help direct the future of Ant."

Go have your meeting, you have that right, and I guess I should be grateful
that you at least told the group about it. I just want to be on the record
as protesting it.


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