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From "Jason Rosenberg" <>
Subject includesfile attribute
Date Mon, 11 Dec 2000 07:28:19 GMT
This is a resend of a message I sent previously, to which
no one appears to have responded......

I am wondering why a file referred to by a "includesfile" attribute
won't allow specifying patterns with embedded property references...

While I can say in an include tag:


It won't work to have the same thing in an includesfile, even though
the doc says that each line of an includesfile file is interpreted as
an include pattern.  So, it seems to me that if I have an includesfile
with the following line:


It should work the same as if I had specified the above include =
The property 'buildDir' should be evaluated at the time the includesfile
is referenced as part of a patternset or fileset, etc.

Any comments?


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