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Subject cvs commit: jakarta-ant/docs VAJAntTool.html
Date Wed, 29 Nov 2000 17:18:28 GMT
bodewig     00/11/29 09:18:24

  Added:       docs     VAJAntTool.html
  Documentation for Ant <-> VA for Java integration.
  Submitted by:	Siberski, Wolf <>
  Revision  Changes    Path
  1.1                  jakarta-ant/docs/VAJAntTool.html
  Index: VAJAntTool.html
  <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//w3c//dtd html 4.0 transitional//en">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1">
    <meta http-equiv="Content-Language" content="en-us">
    <title>Ant VisualAge for Java Tool Integration</title>
  <h1>Ant PlugIn for VisualAge for Java</h1>
  <a name="authors"></a>by
    <li>Wolf Siberski (<a href=""></a>)</li>
    <li>Christoph Wilhelms (<a href=""></a>)</li>
  Version 1.0 - 2000/11/09<br>
  <h2>Table of Contents</h2>
    <li><a href="#introduction">Introduction</a></li>
    <li><a href="#installation">Installation</a></li>
    <li><a href="#usage">Usage</a></li>
    <li><a href="#faq">Frequently Asked Questions</a></li>
    <li><a href="#va_versions">Visual Age Versions</a></li>
  <h2><a name="introduction"></a>Introduction</h2>
  Visual Age for Java is a great Java IDE, but it lacks decent build support
  for creating deliveries. On the other hand, Ant supports the build process
  very good, but is (at least at the moment) command line based. So we decided
  to write a small visual Ant frontend to make running Ant from VAJ possible.
  We use the Tool API to integrate Ant in VisualAge for Java. In combination
  with the VAJ targets (vajload, vajexport, vajimport) you can load defined
  defined versions of projects into your workspace, export the source code,
  compile it with an external compiler and build a jar without leaving the
  IDE. Of course compile messages are viewed in a logging window. Concluding:
  This tool provides a comfortable deployment VAJ has not (out of the box)!<br>
  <h2><a name="installation"></a>Installation</h2>
  At the moment the installation has it's rough edges. If something described
  below doesn't work for You, it's probably not Your fault but incomplete/wrong
  instructions. In this case, please contact one of the <a href="#authors">
  We assume <font face="Courier">C:\IBMVJava</font> as VAJ install directory.
  If You have installed it elsewhere, adapt the pathes below. Execute following
  steps to get the PlugIn up and running:
    <li>import the Ant sources into VAJ.</li>
    <li>import an appropriate XML parser to VAJ (we use Xerces 1.2.0 and are
      happy with it). Unfortunately the XML parser delivered with VAJ (in the
      project 'IBM XML Parser for Java') doesn't work with Ant. You have to
      remove that project (temporarily) from the workspace before importing
      another XML implementation.</li>
    <li>Create the directory <font face="Courier">
    <li>export the Ant and XML parser class files into this directory. Be sure
      to select class files and resources. Sources don't have to be exported.
      Some optional tasks have errors and can't be exported when You don't have
      the necessary packages in Your workspace (e.g. junit task, ejbc task).
      If You need this tasks either import these packages into VAJ, too,
      or copy the .class files directly from the binary distribution</li>
    <li>copy <font face="Courier">default.ini</font> (in
      <font face="Courier">jakarta-ant\src\...\taskdefs\optional\ide</font>)
      to <font face="Courier">
    <li>if&nbsp; you want to access this help from the Workbench, create the
      directory <font face="Courier">
      C:\IBMVJava\ide\tools\org-apache-tools-ant\doc</font> and copy the files
      <font face="Courier">VAJAntTool.html</font>,
      <font face="Courier">toolmenu.gif</font> and
      <font face="Courier">anttool1.gif</font> to it.</li>
    <li>VAJ has to be restarted to recognize the new tool.</li>
    <li>Now if You open the context menu of a project, You should see the entry
      'Ant Build' in the Tools submenu (see <a href="#usage">Usage</a>).</li>
    <li>Make sure the tool works as expected. Now You can remove Ant and the
      imported XML parser from Your workspace (and optionally add the IBM parser
  <h2><a name="usage"></a>Usage</h2>
  Beeing sure the tool is installed correctly and your Ant build file is
  configured, it is really easy to use.<br>
  Go to your Workbench, select the project you want to deploy and open
  its context menu. In the submenu <i>Tools</i> you should find the new
  entry <i>Ant Build</i>. Klick it to start the tool!
  <p><center><img src="toolmenu.gif" border="0" height="246" width="393">
  After a short time this frame should pop up:
  <p><center><img src="anttool1.gif" border="0" height="222" width="389">
  This frame contains the following:
    <li>A menubar with some options described later</li>
    <li>The name of your selected VAJ project</li>
    <li>An entry field for the Ant XML buildfile with a browse [...] button. The
      full qualified filename, including the directory is needed here.</li>
    <li>A list with tasks specified in the buildfile. Until your first save of
      the build info (described later), this list will be empty. When loading a
      build file by the <i>Reload Project</i> button, this list is filled with
      all tasks which have a description attribute. The task you select in this
      list will be executed when pressing the <i>Execute Task</i> button.</li>
    <li>A pulldown box for specifying the log level.</li>
    <li>Three buttons. Two of them I have already described and the third one
      is just the <i>Close </i>button to exit our small tool!</li>
  After you have set up your buildprocess you might find it useful to save
  the data you've just entered, so we implemented an option to save it to
  the repository into your selected project. Make sure that you have an open
  edition of your project before selecting <i>Save BuildInfo To Repository</i>
  from the <i>File</i> menu. Now your information is saved to this edition
  of your project and will be loaded automatically the next time you start
  <i>Ant Build</i>.<br>
  If you have closed the log window accidentally, it can be reopened with
  the <i>Log</i> item in the <i>File</i> menu, and if you want to
know who
  developed this, just select <i>About</i> in the <i>Help</i> menu.
  <h2><a name="faq"></a>Frequently Asked Questions</h2>
  <p>F: I want to load, export and build more then one Visual Age project to
  one jar! How to?<br>
  A: The VA tasks are able to load and export several Projects all at
  once. You can choose whatever project you like for storing the tool
  information, it doesn't really matter.</p>
  <h2><a name="va_versions"></a>VisualAge for Java Versions</h2>
  This tool integration has been tested with versions 3.02 and 3.5 of VisualAge
  for Java. It should run with the 2.x Versions, too, but we didn't try.
  The graphical user interface is build with AWT so it is JDK independent
  by now!<br>
  <p><center>Copyright &copy; 2000 Apache Software Foundation.
  All rights Reserved.</center></p>

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