BugRat Report # 243

Project: Ant Release: 18 July - Release 1.1
Category: Feature Requests SubCategory: Enhancement
Class: suggest State: received
Priority: medium Severity: non-critical
Confidence: public

Submitter: _Anonymous ( anonymous-bug@cortexity.com )
Date Submitted: Oct 10 2000, 10:05:32 CDT
Responsible: Z_Ant Alias ( ant-bugs@cortexity.com )

Add "exclude" capability to Javadoc
Environment: (jvm, os, osrel, platform)
JDK 1.2.2_006, Windows, 2000 (SR-1), Intel

Additional Environment Description:

Report Description:
Javadoc should also be able to exclude packages like javac. Since Javadoc expects compilable code, and there may be junk packages in your path, the ability to exclude those packages would allow Javadoc to work in a greater number of enviornments.

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