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From Matthew Kuperus Heun <>
Subject Re: SUBMIT production.html
Date Mon, 09 Oct 2000 12:24:45 GMT

This is a great idea for a page in the docs.  Here are some suggestions:

I would add a section on how to deal with issues of paths on 
different platforms.  This section would answer the question of how 
to best define paths when code is built on different platforms.  I 
think it would be really helpful to state what ANT does when it 
encounters "\" when trying to resolve a file path on a platform that 
has file.separator equal to "/"

I also think that the document should contain links from a reference 
to "junit" to the documentation for the task, for example.



>To follow my comment about ant1.2 - that we need a  a 'how to use ant in a
>production environment" document, I've started putting one together.
>The intent is it should contain the wisdom on how best to use ant in a
>distributed, cross platform team development process, the kind of thing we
>are probably all doing these days.
>I've written up the core lessons I've learned from going round the loop with
>ant in team projects -who has more to add?
>     -Steve
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