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From (Patrick Beard)
Subject Re: Role of scripts [was Re: increment task]
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 16:37:45 GMT
At 10:26 AM +1000 10/27/2000, Peter Donald wrote:
>At 12:04  26/10/00 -0700, I wrote:
>  >If I can also build task definitions using scripts, then so much the
>>better. Why not allow as many extension mechanisms as possible?
>because we could end up with a perl. In perl every task can be done at
>least  3 different ways and some constructs can be done 15 different ways
>!!!! It is any wonder that many people find perl hard to use.

Sure. I am a huge detractor of perl. However, I'm not arguing for 3 
ways to do everything (although having BSF support in there suggests 
a sort of tower of babel waiting for us), but a way to extend Ant on 
the fly, when there's no way to do something. Hence a <script> tag 
that let's me define tasks. There's very little risk to this, it 
won't pollute mainline Ant.

>One of the aims of ant is simplicity. I don't want to have to think while
>building build.xml files ;) I am not saying I oppose definigng scripts via
>scripting I am still not sure in that case

I suppose your being ironic here, I certainly intend to keep thinking 
while I write build.xml files, although, I wouldn't be against using 
an IDE tool to construct them (hallelujah).

// Patrick C. Beard
// Java Runtime Enthusiast -- "Will invoke interfaces for food."

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