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From (Patrick Beard)
Subject RE: Dependencies between classes
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2000 02:39:28 GMT
At 2:39 PM -0400 10/24/00, Jesse Tilly wrote:
>I think we'll al be disappointed if we implement this.  The compilers and
>the compiler spec itself change.  They may get even "smarter" in terms of
>dependencies and render any intelligence in Ant void or, even worse, a
>hindrance.  Any changes we make should follow closely with the intentions of
>Sun and their specifications for the compiler.  We run into the same issues
>with where optimization is located.  The concepts of object oriented
>compilation, how byte code is handled and deployment will, for the near
>future, be of some contention as the "kinks are worked out".  What if javac
>suddenly wants to compile straight to a WAR or JAR?  How would dependencies
>be handled outside of the compiler? 
>Anyway, just brining up points as to why this is a very difficult design

Having ant be able to generate persistent dependency information 
might be a good compromise here. I wouldn't mind saying "ant depend" 
which would do a thorough dependency analysis looking at sub/super 
class relationships, and constant pool references. Preferably, an 
external XML file would be generated that would capture the current 
static dependency graph between class files. This file would act as a 
dependency cache, and would be quite fast to process. Perhaps this 
graph could even be updated incrementally whenever classes are 

A more sophisticated analsys would look at the constant pool 
references, and after having recompiled class A, upon which class B 
depends, a comparison of all of the constant pool method/field 
references would see if a recompile is necessary.

CodeWarrior's Java compiler seems to do some degree of this, as when 
I change certain .java files, other ones get recompiled.

- Patrick

// Patrick C. Beard
// Java Runtime Enthusiast -- "Will invoke interfaces for food."

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