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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: Submission: refid, CompositeType, NestedDataType
Date Tue, 10 Oct 2000 15:33:03 GMT
Before I go into details with this submission I'd like to see the
rationale behind some things. Just want to make sure we are not
changing designs/implementing features because it is possible to do

>>>>> "VB" == Vincent Bergbauer <> writes:

 VB> - The original aim of this submission is to make Argument a true
 VB> DataType, that can exist under a project just like a Path or a
 VB> FileSet.

In which way would this be used? I don't really see the benefit of
<arg refid="otherarg"/> over <arg value="${otherarg}"/>.

I've seen that the proposed Argument class can hold nested arguments.
Do you have a use case for this? I rarely encounter two exec or java
tasks holding the same arguments (even as a subset). The situations
where I do are the ones I tried to address with execon.

 VB> - I also wanted references to Path to Argument, to FileSet to be
 VB> meaningful, with an Argument being able to reference a Path for
 VB> example.

Sounds reasonable - but adding pathref and filesetref attributes to
arg would suffice, doesn't it?

 VB> - A Property can now reference a Path, an Argument, or a FileSet
 VB> and, optionally, specify a custom separator.

What would a property referring to a Path, an Argument or a FileSet be
used for? I cannot think of a use case other than echoing it or
something like this - maybe my fantasy is too limited 8^).

 VB> - The class PathElement is gone,

I'd rather remove the path and location attributes from path to force
people to use pathelement.

 VB> - In a build file: path and pathelement are synonyms.  arg, args,
 VB> and argument are synonyms.  Maybe we should eliminate some of
 VB> those synonyms for the sake of clarity.

Yes, I'm all for having a consistent nomenclature in Ant. Naming the
same things differently is silly. Some kind of cleanup has to be done
at one point.

 VB> - If we allow universal reference, a Task then becomes a sort of
 VB> DataType too.

How would one want to use this - as a DataType I mean, I know of
several ways a reference to a task might be used - by <script>s for


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