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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: regarding unit testing
Date Fri, 06 Oct 2000 12:15:50 GMT
>>>>> "DW" == Dirk Weigenand <> writes:

 DW> 1. Setting up for a part of our tests will require that an
 DW> instance of our program be started and stopped after the test are
 DW> run.

Which would probably be something asynchronous. Is executing a target
enough for what you need? I doubt so.

Hmm, thinking loud:

<setup classname="my.Setup" param="someparam" />

where my.Setup had to implement

public interface Setup {
    public void setUp(String setup);

and the same for teardown?

Ant could then provide a simple adapter that would execute a named
target for the easy cases and the user could write her own classes of
arbitrary complexity for the not so easy cases.

 DW> At the moment it is a bit difficult to produce such an overall
 DW> report since a test log is written to a separate file for each
 DW> test.

When I introduced the usefile attribute to formatter I realized that
the functionality of "write all reports into a single file" is
missing, it really should be there - one of the "if I had time"


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