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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: documenting your build file
Date Fri, 27 Oct 2000 08:43:44 GMT
>>>>> "CRM" == Craig R McClanahan <> writes:

 CRM> Stefan Bodewig wrote:
 >> >>>>> "JK" == John Kohler <> writes:
 JK> I would recommend using namespaces.
 >>  I'm all for namespaces but think we'll have to defer that until
 >> JAXP supports SAX 2. AFAIK SAX 1 doesn't handle namespaces too
 >> well - and I wouldn't want to emulate what is the parsers job in
 >> Ant.

 CRM> FYI: The 1.1 early access release of JAXP supports SAX2.

When I wrote my article, the EAR still was not available. Now I see it

Before converting to SAX2 I'd like to wait until the reference
implementation of JAXP 1.1 has been finalized and we have an official
Xerces release that supports JAXP 1.1. If we didn't wait for that a
new release of Ant would force users to rely on beta code which might
scare of a plenty of them.


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