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From Brian Towles <>
Subject [Patch] Various EjbJar and Weblogic Jar Fixes
Date Sat, 07 Oct 2000 06:57:44 GMT


This patch does several things for the ejbjar and weblogic task.

First Patches to EJBDeploymentTool,, and privde support for including classfiles that
are extended and implimented for an EJB to be automaticaly included in the 
jar.  This allows you to subclass a base level EJB and grow upon it.  
It uses reflection to dynamicaly load the class, check its impliments or
superclass and include those in the jar.  It only includes interfaces that
eventually fall back to javax.ejb.EJBObject.

The down side of thisis that in order to do refelection on these, the
J2EE classes must be in a classpath. So i added a classpath parameter to
the ejbjar tag to accomidate this.

The other change this supports is in  This
change will allow WeblogicDeploymentTool to check and see if only the
actual class file has changed.  If only the class file has changed and
none of the public interfaces/method signatures, then the ejb jar does not
have to be run through ejbc again. (saves an enourmous amount of time when
using ant to repeatly compile and test)  If any file except a class
file (interface, xml, etc...) going into the final ejb jar has changed
then the whole thing is run though ejbc again.  This works by file name,
size, and crc.  Date/time is unreliable and changes.

I hope that you find this helpfull.


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