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From "yuxin ruan" <>
Subject RE: Ant GUI
Date Mon, 30 Oct 2000 18:45:34 GMT
Actually, filtering out low level task is only one aspect of it. The other
is to produce an ORDERED list of ALL sub task at a given level.\

<task name="prepare-source"
dependent="prepare-client-source,prepare-server-source" />
<task name="prepare" dependent="prepare-source,prepare-lib,prepare-doc" />
<take name="compile-client" dependent="prepare-client-source" />
<task name="compile-server" dependent="prepare-server-source" />
<task name="compile" dependnet="compile-client,compile-server" />
<task name="build" dependent="prepare, compile">

then flatten of "build" is going to generate
The reason I want such a view is that when multiple people are editing the
same build.xml file, it gets hard to grasp the flow of the task. As each
person edit his own task, he tende to specify as many dependent targets as
he can to ensure the safety of his own task. "Flatten" would be the first
step towards creating a "normalized" view on build process.

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From: Simeon Fitch []
Sent: Monday, October 30, 2000 12:30 PM
Subject: RE: Ant GUI

--- yuxin ruan <> wrote:
> And one more request:
> 	To flatten a tree of depedent tasks into user
> defined level.

Can you clarify this one? Do you mean treat it like
"outline" mode in certain word processors where you
flatten the layout so only, say 1st level headings are
shown? That is, do you mean add an option that filters
out targets that aren't above a given level in the
dependency tree (only show top level targets)?


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