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From "Sam Ruby/Raleigh/IBM" <>
Subject Re: Role of scripts [was Re: increment task]
Date Wed, 25 Oct 2000 23:01:23 GMT
Louis Tribble wrote:
> Simplicity of use*, because if the build instructions for typical
> projects begin with "install Ant _and_ scripting app XYZ", even
> installing isn't so simple. Needing to learn yet another language
> just to understand the build file makes it even less simple. I'd
> really rather go read a real Ant task: I already know Java.

For most simple scripting tasks, JavaScript is virtually indistinguistable
from Java.

BSF (and therefore the <script> task) supports Java as a scripting
language, but as this involves wrappering and compiling, it is quite
noticably slower.

> Portability, because a build file that requires scripting is only
> as portable as the scripting application.

Both the BSF core and the Mozilla implementation of JavaScript are open
source and 100% Java.  Both could be distributed with Ant.

> I'd argue that projects that really want the simplicity and
> portability benefits of Ant should not use scripting. If they
> need something that Ant doesn't support, they should provide
> an appropriate Ant task. For common requirements, it would be
> a shame not to provide a standard task, or at least a standard
> "optional" task.

No question for tasks that "do" things.  What is more subtle is tasks that
control other things.  Loops.  Conditionals.

The issue isn't using a scripting language - it is inventing yet another

- Sam Ruby

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